Mosaic Biscuit Bonbons - Silk 4
Mosaic Biscuit Bonbons - Silk 4Mosaic Biscuit Bonbons - Silk 4

Mosaic Biscuit Bonbons

Base: Traditional Swiss cocoa biscuit shells

Filling: White chocolate ganache with Belgian caramel  Speculoos biscuit crumbs

Packaging: Carefully wrapped in a Luxury magnetic gift box 

Add an edible message to your Biscuit Bonbons

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What is in the box? - They appear to be tiles or porcelains..., but truly they are a wonderful, sweet piece of art. They are "Mosaic Biscuit Bonbons"

What are they made of? - The mosaic biscuit bonbons are Swiss biscuit shells hand-filled with white chocolate ganache and Belgian caramel speculoos biscuit crumbs. -They are unique and very delicious!

What is the packaging like? - The mosaic pieces are placed in a quality magnetic gift box, which is then wrapped with food safe paper. If you have selected an edible message to be added, this will be placed directly on top of your biscuits in the middle. The personal note of your choice then placed on the wrapping paper inside the magnetic box.

How will they get to you? - Our Award winning shipping partner DPD Local will deliver them to the NEXT DAY after dispatch in the UK. We strongly advise that you download the DPD APP, so that you will have comfortable control over your delivery.

We deliver worldwide, for more information please visit our "Delivery" link.