Product description

What is a Biscuit Bonbon? - They appear to be tiles or porcelains..., but truly they are a wonderful, sweet piece of art. These mini cakes are perfect for celebration. 

What are they made of? 

Around the soft caramel filling - there is a crunchy layer of Belgian chocolate and Gluten-free biscuit crumb mass shaped to an even dessert cube. These delicious mini cakes then topped with a fine layer of fondant covering.  We source our chocolate from Belgium, using only Organic Fair trade and Cocoa Trace certified suppliers.

As all our biscuits are handmade, there may be some small variations in colour and design in each tin.  

We think this adds to their charm – we hope you agree!

What is the packaging like?  

The mosaic pieces are placed in a quality magnetic gift box, which is then wrapped with food safe paper.  The personal note of your choice then placed on the wrapping paper inside the magnetic box.


 4 Biscuit Box - 104g   - net weight   (Box size: 115x120x 35mm)

 9 Biscuit Box - 234g   - net weight   (Box size: 152x152x30mm) 

16 Biscuit Box - 416g  - net weight   (Box size 182x182x30mm)