Bonbons style mosaic mini cakes made of Caramel infused Belgian DARK chocolate, Gluten-free biscuits and soft fondant covering.
Caramel infused 57% Belgium Dark chocolate with a mild bitterness and a fresh fruity note - balanced with crunchy gluten-free caramel biscuits .

57% Organic dark chocolate, gluten free biscuit crumbs, natural caramel aroma, fondant covering.

Colours (Brilliant Black, Sunset Yellow*, Tartrazine*, Carmoisine*, Brilliant Blue).


Made in Gluten free environment, used only gluten-free ingredients, however we cannot guarantee the ingredients used do not contain traces of gluten.

As all our biscuits are handmade, there may be some small variations in colour and design in each tin.

We think this adds to their charm – we hope you agree!